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Welcome to the Enawra Ethio-Youth Digital platform. This Platform is developed in collaboration with Grand Challenege Ethiopia (AHRI) for adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health.

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‘Sexual harassment’ is any form of unwelcome sexual behavior that’s offensive, humiliating or intimidating.

Contraceptives help protect people from getting pregnant and from catching infections during sexual activity.

Currently, over 30% of all new HIV infections globally are estimated to occur among youth ages 15 to 25 years. 

Every day in developing countries, 20,000 girls under age 18 give birth. This amounts to 7.3 million births a year.

Romantic relationships have much to teach adolescents about communication, emotion, empathy, identity …


The academic success of youth is strongly linked with their health, and is one way to predict adult health outcomes.

Enawra Ethio-Youth Digital Platform

ዛሬን በማስተዋል

Teens who abuse drugs may have a greater risk of developing an addiction when they are adults. It’s important to know the difference between drug abuse and addiction. Many teens experiment with drugs, but aren’t addicted.

When it happens at work, school or uni, it may amount to sex discrimination. No one deserves, or asks, to be sexually harassed. Everyone has the right to work and live in an environment that’s free from harassment, bullying, discrimination and violence. Sexual harassment is illegal.

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